Artist Statement

“Encore Power” is viewer interactive. Images of powerful women of the past are painted on plywood panels with cutouts allowing visitors to stand behind them and insert their faces for photo ops.

Virginia Woolf

Harriet Tubman

Frida Kahlo

Fannie Lou Hamer  

Wearing: Waders & inflatable life-vest, also, a large sunhat
Accessories: Swim-mask and water test kit (no rocks in her pockets)
Encore: Virginia is an environmentalist on the sloop, Clearwater, cleaning up the Hudson River

Wearing: Camo & bullet-proof vest
Accessories: English to Spanish dictionary and night-vision binoculars, carries a small child.
Encore: Harriet is helping those seeking asylum at the U.S. border

Wearing: traditional Tehuana flowing skirt and top, floral head-piece, and an above-the-knee prosthesis
Accessories: portable easel, paints. and brushes
Encore: Frida teaches art to Indigenous Americans in the Southwest and is a fierce advocate for people with disabilities.

Wearing: jacket and dress of traditional West African mud cloth, sandals, and sun hat
Accessories: Water cups and pitcher
Encore: Mrs. Hamer is distributing water to Georgians waiting in line to vote.