Artist Statement

At the apex of Saunder’s Farm, in Garrison, NY is a huge, field on a gently rolling hill.  The field has been mowed, but has little in common with the nearby Garrison Country Club: its beautiful golf-course, and manicured greens.  It is here, strangely enough, that an overweight and overly confident golfer appeared during the annual sculpture exhibition sponsored by Collaborative Concepts.  With bluster and bravado, this golfer demonstrated his dubious  golfing prowess among and between the cow-pies, and the curious art-loving visitors.  Yelling for his caddy and his golf-cart (neither of which ever appeared); smacking little worlds around the field with hammer, sickle, and pussy-grabbing golf clubs;  marking his positions with tiny American flags, and demanding devoted attention from everyone present; the red-capped narcissist plagued the field all afternoon until the cows came home.